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It is no secret that the modern-day economy is no longer based on classical principles – change is inevitable. For the second straight year the conference will serve as a meeting point for anyone who wishes to accept the possibilities offered by the new age. It will be an opportunity to hear 20 outstanding lecturers tell their stories on how they have managed to oppose all of the people who have said “no one does it like that” or “it will not work” and take risks.


Everything starts with a thought, an idea. Moreover, a creative personality is essential in the modern age. While listening to the stories of the lecturers, we will look for answers regarding the factors that influence our thinking, and how the decisions we make shape our identity.


A specific place does not only adjust itself to our needs, but it also presents certain rules that we have to conform to. We will consider various challenges that the city environment is currently presenting. But what will it offer in 5, 10 or 50 years?


Although an idea might be brilliant, it can exist only if it is materialised, thus crossing the boundary from “thinking” to “acting”. You will hear stories about how good ideas can be transformed into commercially successful products, and that the boundaries of industries are no longer unsurpassable.


Whether it is a client, partner, or a competitor, there is a certain person at the centre of any activity, which is why the lecturers will share their experience on how to reach a person within an age that is oversaturated with information, how to create a following, and how to work in a team.


The conference will gather personalities recognised in Latvia and abroad – lecturers who will try to find answers to questions asked by creative people by using their prism of experience, as well as ask questions, to which each of us should answer ourselves.

  • Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga

    President of the Republic of Latvia 1999–2007

  • Māris Jansons

    Chef of “BIBLIOTĒKA No1 Restaurant”

  • Jānis Ķīnasts

    City planner - place maker

  • Vestards Šimkus

    Internationally renowned pianist and composer

  • Tony Armstrong (UK)

    Chief Executive of Locality

  • Brendan Jan Walsh (NL)

    Classical music mutinner, DJ and producer

  • Zane Eniņa

    Marketing and public relations expert

  • Nara Petrovič (SI)

    Internationally renowned lecturer, writer

  • Toms Ērenpreiss

    Director of "Ērenpreiss Original"

  • Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere

    "MADARA Cosmetics" chairwoman of the board

  • Uldis Pīlēns

    "UPB Holding" chairman of the board and architect

  • Parisa Zarnegar (SWE)

    Business coach and consultant, neuroscience PhD

  • Edgars Untāls

    Business coach

  • Viesturs Celmiņš

    Social anthropologist

  • Gatis Mūrnieks

    Creative director BBDO Moscow

  • Ģirts Majors

    Founder of the concert agency “Positivus Music”

  • Mārtiņš Ķibilds


  • Laura Groza-Ķibere

    Theatre director

  • Jānis Vanags

    Vice President Corporate Communications at airBaltic

  • Arnis Jaudzems

    "Sixt" General Manager in Baltic States

  • Māris Olte




February 19

10:00 Registration, coffee break
11:00 Topic "Identity"
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Topic "Boundary"
15:00 Topic "Place"
16:30 Coffee break
17:00 Topic "Individual"
18:30 Closure
19:00 Informal talks, networking


“Great Amber” is a new identity mark of Liepāja, a symbolic building, which attracts locals and culture lovers from all over Latvia, as well as from various parts of the world. The acoustics of the concert hall were formed by Karlheinz Müller (Germany), one of the best acoustics experts in the world who has worked on acoustics solutions at theatres and concert halls in New York, Beijing, Moscow etc.

Concert Hall “Great Amber”




Radio street 8
Liepaja, Latvia, LV-3401

Accommodation possibilities

We offer accommodation available in Liepāja in a distance of 5-15 min from the venue of the conference.


The entry fee includes participation in the conference, simultaneous interpreting, conference materials, the possibility to ask questions to the lecturers, coffee breaks, lunch and evening networking.


Radošo industriju konference "Subject: Creativity", Liepāja, Koncertzāle "Lielais Dzintars", 19.02.2016.